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Program Description

The Social and Cultural Communication Studies undergraduate degree provides a solid theoretical education interrelated with practical and applied training in several areas.

With 96.4% of employment rate, one of the highest in Portugal, our degree is structured into four distinct but interrelating fields in order to group both inter and trans-disciplinary approaches, a factor of differentiation and recognition of our degree in the labor market.

At the Católica-Human Sciences, in addition to the contact with the core themes and problematic issues to the Communication Sciences, students gain the opportunity to develop competences and acquire knowledge in areas of relevance and importance to their future professional routines, such as Law, Economics, Ethics, History and Cultural Studies.

Deepen the knowledge of languages

In a world increasingly shaped by globalisation, knowledge about foreign languages provides an added dimension to both personal and professional self-fulfilment. The Social and Cultural Communication Studies undergraduate degree also provides the opportunity to deepen the learning of two languages, enabling the acquisition of a high level of competence.

Personalize your Program

Specialise in a field of interest

While the 1st year is a year of common foundation with core courses of Communication Studies, from the 2nd year students can find a specialized and flexible program, in which students may choose one of the four areas of specialisation, where they go on to approach the main themes and professional practices in a structured and applied approach.

Elective Courses

Complementary to the theoretical and practical training and as a means of fostering inter and trans-disciplinary understandings, students may opt to attend other courses taught in another specialisation in which they have a particular interest as well as on the other degree programs available in either the Faculty of Human Sciences or in any other faculties at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.


Why choose Visual Communication?

Communication take place, in sum, through images. The screens are multiplying and images disseminating and travelling off around the world through the distribution platforms available in the public and private spheres.

The objective of this specialisation involves training professionals in both the critical and the authorial dimensions through the production and development of content in the area of image (photography, cinema, television, audiovisual and multimedia).


Marketing and Communication Office - Undergraduate

Phone: (+351) 217 214 293


Jasmin Fernandes Rafferty

Aluna do 2.º ano
Comunicação Social e Cultural
"(...) No primeiro ano do curso tive a oportunidade de experienciar como é montar uma reportagem e um jornal, e assim perceber melhor como seria trabalhar nesta área da comunicação. Sinto que consegui conciliar o meu lado mais criativo com a literatura das cadeiras. A componente da língua estrangeira é algo de que gosto muito e já pude usar os conhecimentos das aulas na minha viagem ao estrangeiro. (...)