Welcome to the Alumni Hub FCH!

FCH Alumni´s continue to be part of our big family. Their connection with the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa doesn't end when they finish their studies, whether they are an Undergraduate Degree, a Master's Degree, a PhD, or even a Postgraduate or Advanced Program.

Our Alumni are one of our Faculty's most valuable legacies, helping make the Faculty of Human Sciences one of the most prestigious faculties at national and international level. A significant part of the FCH's success is due to their effort and quality.

Our motto, VALUE FOREVER, reflects not only what students take with them when they finish their studies, but also the value they have added to the FCH during the years they have studied here. That's why we want to strengthen the connection they have with their Alma Mater through the Alumni Hub FCH!

The Alumni Hub FCH will serve not only to enable former students to share experiences and memories together but also to enable the Faculty to celebrate their achievements and the impact that Alumni have on their respective academic and professional fields.


To get involved in the Alumni Hub FCH:

  • Update your contacts. Keep your contact details up to date so that you can receive all the news, invitations to events, and other relevant information about life at the FCH.
  • Take part in Alumni events. At these events, you can meet up with old friends, make new contacts and foster professional relationships. All with the aim of further enriching your personal and professional life.
  • Follow us on our social media. That's where we share the successes of our Alumni, whether it's the end of a study cycle or a professional achievement. You can also keep up to date with what's happening at FCH, new courses, events and much more.
  • Share your story. We want to hear about your successes, achievements, and experiences. Share your testimony with us and serve as an inspiration to current and future students, motivating them to strive for excellence and achieve their best. If you want to share something about other Alumni, you can do that too. Just send us an e-mail.
  • Send us your suggestions. The opinion of our Alumni is important to us.


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