Beatriz Raposo

“If you want to invest in your academic development in an innovative manner and stay up to date with the changes occurring in the field of Health, the Master’s in Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Healthcare is for you!
I feel that this degree stands out for the theoretical-practical tools that we are offered, as well as for the professionalism of the teaching staff, that has helped me to constantly perform at my best and to overcome each challenge, while investing in my constant personal development.
To have studied at this university was undoubtedly a milestone in my life with value for the future.”

Cristina Rodrigues

“The Master’s in Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Healthcare is captivating, for its multidisciplinary approach to health, taking into account the challenges of contemporary society. It invests on personalized teaching, with a competent and accessible teaching staff, where requirements and scientific rigour are emphasised. It contributed to my professional and personal development, and I was able to acquire the necessary practical skills in a real work context. I move towards the future with the confidence and enthusiasm of one who has made a good decision, and the strengthening of the passion I have for the area of Psychology.”

Mariana Serras

“At the Faculty of Human Sciences of Universidade Católica Portuguesa we find excellent quality teaching! In my case, the Master’s degree in Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Healthcare has exceeded my expectations, and has revealed itself a well-structured and comprehensive programme, combined with excellent teaching staff that encourages individual learning in a unique way and provides personalized follow-up throughout the degree. All the tools I have acquired have contributed significantly to my personal growth and will undoubtedly be a differentiating element in the transition to the job market.”

Mónica Sesifredo

“My entire path at the Faculty of Human Sciences and, particularly, the Master’s in Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Healthcare stood out for the friendly and welcoming environment between students and lecturers, and for a teaching staff that tirelessly supports us in our academic, professional and personal training. By opting for this new and innovative Master’s degree, you will be choosing to focus on health and wellbeing, on clinical practice, but also on promoting the population’s health and quality of life.”


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