Beatriz Teles de Matos

“Studying Social Work at Católica has been a fantastic experience! I have found excellent teaching and a highly prestigious degree. Lecturers are accessible and very dedicated professionals, who share a high level of knowledge and experience relating to the degree.

As such, I am sure that I have chosen the degree and university that will provide me with the best academic and practical preparation, with a view to joining the job market.”

Isabel Borba

“My choice to join this university was initially motivated solely by the high quality of its internships. However, I discovered along my journey that this institution stands for a lot more besides. For me, it is not simply a way to fulfil my dream of helping others. FCH has been a happy and unparalleled stage in my life.”

Joana Fraga

“Studying Social Work at this university was without a doubt the best decision I have made in my life. I am surrounded by lecturers who care about and help students on a daily basis by sharing their experiences, which encourage us to want to be more and to achieve more.

I am becoming increasingly aware of the countless social problems that exist in the world and of the need to act in order to achieve change and social justice for each and every one. It is important to realise that intuition and sensitivity to these social problems are not enough; that it is also necessary to learn the best techniques and methodologies, which we are taught in this degree, to provide the best solutions to the varied situations that we will be faced with.

To this end, I have also progressively gained a greater sense of the complexity of the Individual as a human being and of the value that he or she has in a way that is so particular to him or herself. It is this great value that I hope to be able to build upon in my actions as a future social worker, as someone who will work for and with others. I don’t believe I can save or change the world, but I believe I can change and transform someone else’s world. And that’s what gives me enormous encouragement to pursue what I believe to be my vocation!”

Margarida Horta e Costa

“Studying Social Work at Católica has opened my eyes to a society that increasingly needs us, social workers. I couldn’t be more thankful for the high quality of teaching, for the individuality with which each student is regarded and for the excellent manner in which we are prepared for the world of employment. This is a profession that can make a difference, that can change the world. As Anna Scheyett has stated, “Social workers are super-heroes” and this degree gives us the super-powers to make a difference in a world that needs us so desperately!”


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