Why FCH-Católica Undergraduates?




Teaching excellence

At Católica-Human Sciences, students may be part of:

  • Personalised teaching in close proximity with lecturers;
  • Transdisciplinary curricula;
  • An internationally recognised school with a prestigious Eduniversal ranking;
  • Stimulus for creativity and entrepreneurship;
  • Training standards of excellence;
  • Research and international education networks;
  • International and multicultural environments;
  • Exchange and Erasmus Programs;
  • Careers office providing personal guidance;
  • National and international internships;
  • Awards of Excellence and Merit Grants annually awarded to students with high academic performance levels;
  • High rates of employability.


Joana Bettencourt

Joana Bettencourt

"I am certain that I have chosen the right degree, the one that is the most complete and that has the best professionals, at an outstanding university, that encourages me daily, offers me fantastic opportunities, helps me to establish a vast network of contacts and one that will undoubtedly stay with me in years to come.”