The professional opportunities available to Social Work undergraduates include the following:​

  • Direct provision of services to populations, in the social monitoring of individuals and families, of group and community intervention;
  • Administration and management of social institutions and services;
  • Consultancy, assessment, design and coordination of programmes and projects in the areas of social policy and intervention; 
  • Social research.


Social Work professionals carry out their activity in different organizational contexts, such as the Public Administration Sector, Private Social Solidarity Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations, Private Companies, namely in the areas of:

  • Social security;
  • Social action;
  • Early intervention;
  • Health;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Justice and social reintegration;
  • Education;
  • Housing and environment;
  • Professional training and employment;
  • Regional, local and community development.



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