At the FCH, the scientific field of Psychology deploys a strong orientation towards replying to contemporary questions in areas such as health and wellbeing, development, family, education, work, technology in daily life, society and the economy. This currently frames research into three major topics – (1) Families and processes of adjustment, emotions, (2) Health and wellbeing, and (3) Careers, entrepreneurship and economic decisions and correspondingly targeting within these scopes both the study of basic processes and strategies for resolving current problems and issues.

This provides Psychology Undergraduates both with education under the auspices of the 2nd study cycle (Master’s in the Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Health, Master’s in Psychology in Business and Economics, Post-Graduate certificate in Wellbeing and Health, and in Psychology in Business and Economics) and the 3rd study cycle (PhD in Psychology: Emotions and Wellbeing). In addition, supports diverse academic activities for promotion and training while also providing a range of services to the community.