Mariana Victorino

University Professor and General Director
Porter Novelli Portugal - Omnicom Group

“Attending and completing the PhD in Communications Studies was a highly enriching experience whether in personal, academic or professional terms. The contact with a teaching staff of unrivalled quality and with a very stimulating approach to the various fields of communications studies, as well as their sharing of experience and knowledge – especially in the conferences and seminars in which we are encouraged to participate -, made a very positive impression on this period of my life. The unconditional support of the teaching staff, my supervisor and the program coordination team were all determinant in my achievements in this phase. I would furthermore like to highlight the human and warm welcome that I always received at the Faculty and the solid relationships that I deepened and have maintained on into life. It was without doubt a challenge that shall always mark my life.”

Nuno Conde

Juridical specialist in media law and an international expert on media sector public policy. CECC researcher.

“The PhD in Communications Studies was an enriching and enticing experience, enabling me to develop critical reflections on the complex reality of the media within a context of change and globalisation. The level of demand and rigor that I found among the teaching staff, in addition to their availability and effective proximity, ensure I can fully and enthusiastically recommend the PhD Program in Communications Studies at Universidade Católica Portuguesa.”


Marketing and Communication Office - PhD


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