Undergraduate Degree in Social Work

Applications | 2021-2022 Academic Year


  • Students are eligible to apply when attending either the first or second year of their undergraduate degree.
  • First year students applying to the mobility program are only accepted when passing into the second year of study, an essential requirement for acceptance onto the program.

The students selected are then to agree their study plans and the respective equivalent subjects with the Social Work Erasmus Coordinator.

Whenever enrolled in Social Work subjects and/or the internship*, they are also to agree on the scope for recognising the equivalence of subjects and/or individual supervision by the respective lecturers.

* Students who are going to undertake their internships should go on the mobility program in the second year or in the first semester of the third (thus, mobility is not an opportunity to students in the second semester of the third year). Students meeting these requirements are to inform the Social Work Internship and Seminar lecturer, as soon as is feasible, of their intention to apply to the Program so that they may prepare an internship and supervision and evaluation system.

At the beginning of each academic year, students are to express their objective of applying to the mobility programs prior to any choice of internship program.

Selection Criteria: 

  1.  Average grade for subjects taken up to the date of application;
  2. Total number of ECTS obtained;
  3. Curricular situation (evaluation of the subjects completed on the date of application);
  4. Motivation for mobility.


Students interested in applying are to complete the form and submit their application to the FCH secretary for International Relations (c.santos@ucp.pt ), before February 21, 2021.

The following documents are to be sent with the form otherwise the application is subject to rejection:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Letter of motivation explaining the application (maximum of 10 lines, one and a half spaces).



Erasmus + Programme | Financial support
to participants with special needs


Teresa Líbano Monteiro

"(...) I chose FCH-Católica as my HE institution, since it is an “ethically sound training project” that educates based on the essential principles of Social Work."