Ana Cristina Cachola

Independent Curator; Co-Editor of Diffractions

“The study program at the Lisbon Consortium allows for an expansive research work about the cultural fabric, diluting the frontiers between theory and cultural practice. Providing all the necessary tools for the development of critical thinking, the program made it possible for me to think and act upon the contemporary artistic field, to rethink and activate new cultural agendas.”

Daniela Agostinho

Postdoctoral Fellow at the department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen; Co-Editor of Diffractions; Recipient of the BPI/Lisbon Consortium Thesis Award

“Edgy and consistent, the Lisbon Consortium is the ultimate place for those interested in coupling critical thinking with interdisciplinary creativity. With its uniquely vibrant and friendly environment, the program has given me the skills to conduct original research in exciting new ways, and the opportunity to meet inspiring people from both academia and the art world. The Lisbon Consortium makes full use of the exciting cultural energy of the city and infuses it with sharp inquiry.”

Eduardo Prado Cardoso

"The PhD in Culture Studies has proven to be a stimulating space for deep and independent research, which, in my case, is essentially interdisciplinary. If traditional seminars offer the very much needed contact with key theoretical concepts and references, other CECC-organized events (ranging from high-level international conferences to film club sessions) give room to the practice of academic, public communications. Engaging in such an international group such as the Lisbon Consortium brings us perspectives that challenge some pre-existent world views, and that, to me, is vital to foster any intelectual activity."

Ilios Willemars

"As a PhD student at the Lisbon Consortium I have appreciated the opportunities that were afforded me to organize and propose projects that did not exist already. Among the initiatives supported by the research school and my supervisor in particular were a workshop on contemporary politics, a graduate conference on the notion of ‘replacement’, and editing a graduate journal together with fellow candidates. Working at the consortium has meant shaping academic connections with colleagues in different places, most notably Copenhagen, Paris, and Amsterdam, thus furthering my academic connections beyond Lisbon alone."

Matthew Mason

English Professor
Faculty of Human Sciences

"The Lisbon Consortium offers a brilliant platform in which to discuss, debate and research almost anything through the critical lens of culture and to do so alongside like-minded aspiring academics from all over the world. I recommend the Lisbon Consortium to anyone who wishes to conduct arts and/or culture-based research from within a rich international environment of students and professors conveniently located in one of the most unique cities in Europe."

Sophie Pinto

"I have had many and outstanding opportunities as a PhD student in Culture Studies at the FCH-Católica. These include: 1) Financial support through an FCT scholarship; 2) International and research experience at the University of Copenhagen, one of the partners of the PhD Program; 3) Networking during the Summer School, an international event held in Lisbon every year; 4) Development of projects, such as a seminar that I myself organized that was aimed both to the scientific community and the general public. Besides being multidisciplinary and international, this program also promotes scientific excellency."


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