Master in the Psychology of Wellbeing and Health Promotion


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Applications for 2021/2022

Early Bird: February 22 to March 26
1st Phase: April 13 to May 14
2nd Phase: May 27 to July 2
Last Round: July 26 to September 6




Monday to Thursday, from 10am to 5pm

Program Description

The Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Wellbeing and Health Promotion integrates into the second cycle of Psychology training, which seeks to meet the growing demand for multidisciplinary skills within the healthcare field.

In emphasising the interconnections between psychology, health and wellbeing, especially in the prevention of disease and fostering good health and the quality of life, this aims to meet the profound changes ongoing in the healthcare field with their increasing stress upon preventive medicine, with important implications in social and economic terms and with strong potential for improving the quality of life of populations.

General objectives:

  • Acquisition of the competences necessary to practicing professional Psychology within the scope of the evaluation, intervention, prevention and promotion of health, the quality of life and wellbeing in different contexts and population groups;
  • Fostering an interdisciplinary approach capable of responding to the important challenges of contemporary society within the field of health and wellbeing;
  • Consolidation of knowledge around the theoretical models of Psychology, Health and Wellbeing;
  • Deepening the relationship between psychological factors and behaviours as regards health, sickness and wellbeing in conjunction with the biological and medical, family, social and institutional factors.


Admissions Office - Masters

Phone: (+351) 217 214 281


Mariana Serras

"has exceeded my expectations, and has revealed itself a well-structured and comprehensive programme"