General Regime - via 12th Year

Application requirements:

  • Candidates that have completed the 12th grade of Portuguese high school or hold a legally recognised equivalent qualification;
  • Candidates that have completed high school or 12th grade internationally. To this end, they are to obtain recognition of legal equivalence with the Portuguese secondary school system.

As regards admission requirements, candidates are admitted if they take the Portuguese National Exams or request the acceptance of the equivalent final examination completed on a foreign educational system. *

In order to find out about equivalent subjects to the university admissions, please contact FCH-Católica.

* NOTE: The hard copies of all final Secondary Education documents must be certified by the Portuguese Consulate in the study location, by the Student's Country consulate in Portugal, or have Apostille.


Candidates are accepted according to the following entrance required exams:

Undergraduate Degrees

Required Exams

Communication and Cultural Sciences Portuguese or History or English
Applied Foreign Languages Portuguese or English

Portuguese or Biology and Geology or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences*

Social Work Portuguese or History or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences*
Philosophy Portuguese or History or Philosophy
NEW | Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Math A and Portuguese or
Math A and Philosophy

*can be replaced by Math A or B

The application grade is calculated as follows:

  • Final Secondary School grade: 60%
  • Result of the Required Exams: 40%


Applications Calendar 2022/2023



1st Phase

2nd Phase


June 6 to July 25

July 26 to August 9


July 28
(end of the day)

August 12
(end of the day)

(payment of enrolment
and first tuition fee)
July 29 to August 2

August 12 to 16

Confirmation of the registration
(by e-mail)
Until August 5 Until August 19


Applications - How to apply:

Candidates may submit their applications as from the month of June within the deadlines set by the calendar available on the Universidade Católica Portuguesa website by any one of the following means:

  • Online, via the UCP website or through the following link.

In either situation, the application is only accepted following the delivery of all of the necessary documentation and the payment of the non-refundable application fee (145.00€).



Filipa Brigola

“The degree in Philosophy at Católica offers the advantages of distance learning, enabling students to continue their studies independently and allowing them to adapt academic requirements to professional life."