Filipa Brigola

“The degree in Philosophy at Católica offers the advantages of distance learning, enabling students to continue their studies independently and allowing them to adapt academic requirements to professional life. Additionally, teaching staff are approachable and there is excellent access to academic resources, either through face-to-face teaching or through the availability of lecturers, not to mention the benefit of being in contact with fellow students.

The degree in Philosophy is, in addition, a good choice for anyone looking to learn to think and to look at the world with a critical spirit and to learn how to question what might seems obvious and self-evident. Students are invited to adopt a philosophical outlook, both on the most trivial problems of everyday life, as well as on the deeper questions about human existence. This is achieved through a permanent dialogue with the great authors in the philosophical tradition.”


Gilberto Couto

“Studying Philosophy is, for me, an act inseparable from leading a full life, as it allows me a broader understanding of reality and of myself. It is not just a matter of “knowing more”, but of acquiring new methods of understanding the world, which are important in any profession.

To this end, the systematization achieved by this degree curriculum is extremely important. Its main advantages are, in my opinion, that it is a plural and comprehensive degree, in terms of content; that it is taught by a capable and approachable teaching staff; and its organization, methodology and assessment, namely distance learning, which allows the study of Philosophy to be combined with the demands of students’ family and professional life.”

Joana Barata Lopes

“In the course of our lives, there is always one subject that we fell in love with and, blaming time or lack thereof, we left behind. With me, this happened with Philosophy. Universidade Católica’s investment on the B-Learning format therefore deserves strong praise. This example of employing digital tools, where Education dares to innovate, is a unique contribution so that “day-to-day agendas” are not an obstacle to the fulfilment of the will to know more; to learn something new; to think better. This is what the Degree in Philosophy has done for me: the (somewhat dazzling) recognition of constant growth – with each path that I (re)take in thought.”

Pedro Abrunhosa

“Joining the Philosophy Degree at FCH has provided me with one of the most stimulating life experiences. Learning has always been, for me, the supreme challenge: of instigating thought, disturbing the waters, of going deeper. Led by the experienced hand of my lecturers who, in an exemplary way and through the B-Learning format, patiently accompany me on all fronts, I feel that I am, little by little, being released from the human pettiness of ignorance. Technical support is extremely effective, which allows, for those who lead an active and geographically uncertain professional life, the full use of all classes and the enjoyment of the added value that distance learning provides.” 


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