António Santos

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"When I applied to study Philosophy in a b-learning regime at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, I was driven by a thirst for something else. In truth, I myself did not know exactly what Philosophy was; I was under the assumption that this would be made up of a set of absolute abstract concepts that had little to do with real life as actually lived. I swiftly found myself in a situation of pure amazement on encountering the profound knowledge on Western culture, from the Greco-Roman era through to contemporary times.

Furthermore, I never imagined that the knowledge acquired over the course of the degree might have such an impact on my professional and personal life. I started to see the world through different eyes on grasping a new capacity for analysis and the understanding of everything going on around me. Objectively, the gains in terms of personal development were far greater than my expectations.

Clearly, for this to have been possible, there was a great contribution from the exceptional teaching staff; however, as a director of various companies, the blended learning teaching method was also decisive as this enabled me to adapt the scarce time I had available to the needs and demands of the degree. I’m currently attending the Master’s Degree in Philosophy.

This is a substantially different experience as, having acquired the foundations, this represents an opportunity to specialise and deepen an area or an author that has captured our greatest interest."

Catarina Guerra Barosa

Editorial Director
Revista Pessoal

"Taking a degree in Philosophy was the opportunity to develop my academic and professional competences and, simultaneously, to continue working. Any other way would have been practically impossible to do so. With this teaching method, I was able to approach the theoretical classes in accordance with my availability and attend the in-person classes on perfectly feasible days and times. I believe that many other degrees might be provided in this way."


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