Program Description

The Undergraduate Program in Applied Foreign Language (LEA) is one of the founding degrees of the Faculty of Human Sciences and the degree with the one of the highest employment rates for this area of studies (official data from the General Directorate of Statistics for Education and Science).

Groundbreaking in terms of the Higher Education offer of this area, the LEA degree has an international transdisciplinary bent in the three variants offered (Business Relations, Translation, and Portuguese as a Foreign Language).

It is both innovative and up to date in its understanding that a complex job market requires professionals with multidisciplinary and rigorous answers, based on a solid scientific and ethical training.

It is dynamic and challenging in its presentation of innovative methodologies that encourage students' active participation and that include Service-Learning models, inter-class collaboration and projects outside the university. The fact that the Faculty of Human Science obtained the European Language Label in 2022 is a statement of this constant innovation.

While combining knowledge from different Colleges, the degree's multidisciplinary curriculum is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Learning languages and their complex intercultural frameworks;
  2. Theoretical reflection on cultural, juridical and economic contexts within ever more globalised society;
  3. Functional knowledge that guides students through the diverse work contexts (geographically and culturally) in which they will develop a specialized professional practice.


Why choose Business Relations?

The objective of this specialization involves training agile and creative professionals for working within the contexts of both companies and organisations.

This provides a broad background in the field of languages and cultures across both the practical and theoretical dimensions allied with specific subjects from across the fields of management, economics and law.



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António Clérigo

António Clérigo

“Being an LEA student at FCH has been a positive and enriching experience, not only in terms of knowledge gained, but also of the values that I have acquired over the past two academic years."