Applications and Tuition Fees - 2022/2023

  • Application fee (general regime*): 145.00€
  • Registration and 1st enrollment: 385.00€ + 460.50€ (1st installment of payment plan referring to September 2022)
  • Tuition fees (5 instalments per semester): 460.50€ /monthly – 4605.00€ total for the year.**


*The application fee may vary according to the type of application. 
For further information check our admissions page.

*Fees for 30 ECTS per semester. The monthly fees are calculated in line with the number of ECTS for which the student is enrolled in that semester.

Note: The application fee, registration and 1st enrollment are not refundable.


Joana Bettencourt

"I am certain that I have chosen the right degree, the one that is the most complete and that has the best professionals, at an outstanding university, that encourages me daily, offers me fantastic opportunities, helps me to establish a vast network of contacts and one that will undoubtedly stay with me in years to come.”