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Admissions Office - Masters

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Applications for 2022/2023

Early Bird: February 1 to March 18
1st Phase: April 5 to May 6
2nd Phase: May 24 to June 29




Post-working, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Program Description


The MA in Asian Studies targets graduates interested in deepening their knowledge about India, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia within a multidisciplinary framework of Asian realities and their historical-cultural reference frameworks. The MA in Asian Studies draws upon national and international teachers and researchers, all with their careers dedicated to study Asia, and all with academic dialogue and cooperation both at individual and institutional levels. The MA in Asian Studies’ teaching staff is able to boost the potential for the internationalization of the programs and its graduates.

The MA in Asian Studies seeks to:

  • Develop the social and cultural competences for interrelating with Asian partners (universities, governments, economic and cultural agents, NGOs, etc.);
  • Strengthen the professional capacities for the translation and interpretation of Asian languages and for obtaining information on Asian societies and cultures across various professional and research fields;
  • Develop critical reading skills and the understanding of the theoretical frameworks surrounding Asian studies as well as acquiring the capacities to develop autonomous and original teaching and research activities on Asian topics.


Admissions Office - Masters

Phone: (+351) 217 214 281


Gonçalo Dias

University professor
“The Master’s Degree in Asian Studies constitutes an absolutely decisive experience.”