Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The Specialization in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers an advanced and specialized base training in various areas and strategic social issues, focused on social innovation that enhances the training of professionals able to respond effectively to new social challenges.

It features a laboratory component and is underpinned by partnerships with third sector organizations, both public and private entities engaged in developing innovation processes and products in the social area, in which students are acquainted with social innovation processes both in terms of objectives and of the means used (products, services, models), that seek to meet social needs while creating new relationships and collaborations.

This programme has been lauded for its high scientific quality and combines solid theoretical training with the application of knowledge in concrete cases, enhancing the autonomy of students in terms of the development of professional projects as well as scientific research.



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Catarina Simão

Catarina Simão

"The quality of teaching, of professional experience and approachability of the teaching staff, and the demands and encouragement of reflection and implementation are, in my view, the great advantages of this degree."

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