António Clérigo

“Being an LEA student at FCH has been a positive and enriching experience, not only in terms of knowledge gained, but also of the values that I have acquired over the past two academic years. The LEA degree has exceeded my expectations, as this institution provides us with the necessary tools to achieve the desired success in this area and inspires us to go further.”

Magdalena Brito

“Initially I had some doubts about what area I should pursue after secondary school. I have always had a knack for learning languages and I was interested in the fact that this degree offers three different areas of specialization. I chose the Business Relations route due to its encompassing curriculum. I feel that this degree opens up multiple avenues that will be important to my professional future.”

Raquel Pacheco

“The degree in Applied Foreign Languages at FCH has been an experience that has exceeded my expectations. I chose this degree because it offered several variants, and also because it provides multiple tools for our professional future. The LEA degree has the advantage of including a wide range of foreign languages in its curriculum, which makes a difference to our future.”

Vasco Pestana

“Although brief, my experience at FCH and the Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) degree has been nothing but positive. All those who share the FCH space, from colleagues to lecturers, have made my adjustment both to university life and to a whole new reality much more attainable. As such, I am certain that the LEA degree and FCH will provide me with all the intellectual and human skills necessary for a promising, successful future.”


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