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Integrated Researchers


Antonela Jesus

Current research interests: social politics; social work theories; entrepreneurship and social innovation; social and human rights; epistemology and research methodologies.

Augusta Gaspar

Current research interests: predictors of empathy; empathy and moral sense; empathy and facial expression; empathy in different contexts; interventions on empathy and emotion regulation.

Bárbara Nazaré

Current research interests: reproduction psychology; health-related cognitions and behaviours.

Carolina Maruta

Current research interests: normal and pathological aging (dementia); relationship between sleep and cognition.

Cátia Reis

Current research interests: sleep; chronobiology (circadian rhythms investigation); circadian rhythm disturbances; shift work; sleep deprivation; actigraphy (activity/inactivity behavior continuous monitoring); stress and performance (attention and memory).

Francisco Branco

Current research interests: poverty; public policies for social protection and social minimum; child welfare; history of social work; social policy practice in social work.

Francisco Esteves

Current research interests: cognitive processing of emotional stimuli; stress and anxiety; empathy; eating behavior.

Joana Carneiro Pinto

Current research interests: careers; life projects; needs assessment; effectiveness of psychological interventions in institutional contexts.

Marta Pedro

Current research interests: family processes; parenting and child and adolescent development; interrelations between interparental and parenting functioning and children’s psychological well-being; spillover and crossover processes between interparental difficulties and perturbations in parenting and children’s adjustment.

Miguel Arriaga

Current research interests: health literacy; healthy aging; traumatic events; psychosocial support.

Nuno Piçarra

Current research interests: role of technology in human socio-cognitive development; emotional processes; cognitive-constructivists psychotherapies.

Rita Brito

Current research interests: use of digital educational technologies by children; training of kindergarten teacher and primary school teachers.

Rita Francisco

Current research interests: eating disorders; health literacy; wellbeing and adjustment of adolescents in different social situations; military families; impact of new technologies on family functioning.

Susana Costa Ramalho

Current research interests: wellbeing; emotions; couple relationships.


Collaborator Researchers


Ana Oliveira

Current research interests: social innovation and entrepreneurship; intervention with families and youth; theories for practice in social work; management and social evaluation; social and intercultural mediation.

Ana Paula Cláudio

Current research interests: creation of serious games; virtual reality applications aimed at anxiety control; development of empathic communication skills; bullying prevention.

Ana Rita Faria

Current research interests: education and training; social sciences; curriculum development and theory; educational evaluation.

Andreia Jorge Silva

Current research interests: aging; health literacy; multimorbidities; epidemiology; public health; disease prevention; health promotion; wellbeing.

Bárbara Mourão Sacur

Current research interests: child protection system; adoption; foster care; drug prevention.

Beatriz Carmo

Current research interests: visualization; augmented reality; virtual reality.

Catarina Vieira da Silva

Current research interests: middle class; social disqualification; social suffering; new poverty; otherness.

Cláudia Simão

Current research interests: group identity and intergroup relations; social networks and online communities; motivated thinking in consumer psychology.

Cristina Godinho

Current research interests: development and evaluation of different types of health promotion interventions through behavioral change (e.g., communication, digital interventions, community interventions, etc.); study of the underlying psychological mechanisms.

Daniela Monteiro

Current research interests: social worker profession; social work research; social work training; social reintegration.

Elisa Veiga

Current research interests: parenting; prematurity; neurodevelopment disorders; children and young people at risk.

Elisete Diogo

Current research interests: foster families; child protection system; children's rights in the context of education.

Graça André

Current research interests: human rights; poverty; values; ethics; social worker training.

Inês Bolinhas

Current research interests: anthropology; ethics; ancient and medieval theories about happiness and wellbeing.

Inês Guerra

Current research interests: policies and theories in social work; health; aging; insertion and intervention with people and families; social monitoring.

João Gonçalves

Current research interests: development and social cohesion; adaptation and modernization of social protection; domains, organizational aspects, analysis and evaluation of social policy; management of social policies; social economy; sustainable development.

Joaquim Fialho

Current research interests: analysis of social networks; social diagnosis; social intervention planning; public policy.

Leonor Almeida

Current research interests: psychological assessment in organizations; leadership; creativity; values in organizational context.

Mariana Negrão

Current research interests: parenting and developmental risk; children and young people at risk.

Patrícia Costa

Current research interests: team effectiveness; wellbeing at work; technology and virtual teamwork.

Patrícia Dias

Current research interests: digital media; mobile communication; marketing; public relations.

Paula Godinho

Current research interests: social exclusion; family intervention; citizenship; social policy; community development.

Paula Nobre de Deus

Current research interests: social work.

Paulo Teixeira

Current research interests: social innovation and entrepreneurship; strategical and operational planning, monitoring, evaluation and communication.

Renata Benavente

Current research interests: clinical and health psychology.

Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

Current research interests: regulation of educational systems; school leadership; safeguarding and child protection; school choice.

Sara Ibérico Nogueira

Current research interests: creativity; psychological evaluation; developmental psychology; giftedness.

Teresa Paiva

Current research interests: sleep; chronobiology; sleep disorders.


Honorary Researchers


Helena Rebelo Pinto

Current research interests: sleep psychology; family sciences; psychology of careers.

José Reis Lagarto

Current research interests: design of the e-learning project; influence of ICT policies in teaching and learning processes.


Research Assistants 


Ana Carvalho

Current research interests: health promotion; wellbeing; health communication; sustainable practices.

Beatriz Raposo

Current research interests: psychopathology and socioemotional maladjustment in adolescents; wellbeing; interpersonal relationships.

Mafalda Hormigo

Current research interests: psychopathology and socioemotional maladjustment in adolescents; wellbeing; interpersonal relationships.

Mónica Sesifredo

Current research interests: wellbeing; emotional literacy; mental health in adolescents; health communication.