Program Description

The Applied Foreign Language (LEA) undergraduate degree is one of the founding programs of the Faculty of Human Sciences and the undergraduate program with the highest employment rate in this field - 97.8%.

A national pioneer in the university provision of this field of study, the LEA degree contains an international transdisciplinary vocation and remains innovative and relevant to an increasingly complex employment market demanding professionals able to produce multidisciplinary, integral and rigorous responses based on solid scientific and ethical grounds.

Aggregating the learnings of different Faculties, the multidisciplinary degree program rests on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Learning languages and their complex cultural frameworks;
  2. Theoretical reflection on cultural, juridical and economic contexts within ever more globalised societies;
  3. Knowledge of the most functional type and able to orient students towards diverse labour contexts (geographically and culturally diversified) in which they develop specialised professional practices.


Why choose Translation?

In an increasingly globalised world, the demands of intercultural communication go well beyond fluency in a lingua franca. Specific contexts of communication, negotiation and conviviality demand a differentiated mastery of other languages and the acknowledgement of their cultural capital, in addition to specific translation skills appropriate to each area.

In addition to deepening Portuguese language competences and the thorough development of English, students gains the opportunity to advance in a second foreign language, choosing from among Spanish, French and German, and combining this with familiarisation with the cultural frameworks to the aforementioned languages.

This specialisation seeks to train translators in various different areas and for equally different markets, whether companies, translation agencies, publishers or international entities.

During the degree, students become acquainted with different areas of expertise in the field of translation studies, including literary, audiovisual, economic and legal translation.



Admissions Office - Undergraduate

Phone: (+351) 217 214 293


António Clérigo

“Being an LEA student at FCH has been a positive and enriching experience, not only in terms of knowledge gained, but also of the values that I have acquired over the past two academic years."

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