MA Communication Studies - Testimonial - Farid Assad

Farid Assad

"After three years at this institution, FCH once again opened its doors to me. To continue my journey at this institution was a logical choice. The continuous support I have experienced over the past months makes this university stand out from all others. Teaching staff have an approachable attitude to students that is essential for us. In addition to the queries that arise on academic content, I would highlight the support we receive when we express our concerns about which steps to take. 

To speak of FCH is to speak of prestige, rigour and future. At this university, the future begins in the present, whether through its curricular programmes (of which I would highlight the Master’s in Communication Studies), its national and international partnerships or the way it allows us to envision the world.

At FCH we evolve. We increasingly become more aware citizens. We learn to look at everything around us. We acquire values. FCH – Value for life."

Filipa Dias Mendes

Filipa Dias Mendes


“The UCP Master’s Degree in Communications Studies is an investment in excellent teaching of high standard and international renown. Anchored in an interdisciplinary plan of studies, this program guarantees the education capable of providing its students with the competences necessary to respond to the demanding media world. My passage through this program was shaped by the inspiring teaching staff, able to align the demands of education with proximity to students, and the constant incentives running throughout this academic experience.”


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