Undergraduate Program in Psychology

Program Description

The Degree in Psychology offers a curriculum reflecting the most dynamic areas in Psychology today at an international level as well as its strong suit in research and intervention. Characterized by a strong interdisciplinary component, it strongly focuses on the connection with other sciences, such as biology and the neurosciences, health sciences, family sciences, communication sciences, new technologies and computer sciences.

With an employment rate of 100%, the program also extends to the field of Psychology falling within the universes of labour, the economy and careers and is structured so as to endow solid training in transversal competences across the various domains of Psychology and correspondingly providing intense training in research and practical tasks.

The degree also invests in the diversity of the sub-fields with which students come into contact, such as Social Psychology, Family Psychology, the Psychology of Emotions and Motivation, Organisational Psychology, the Psychology of Development, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology.  

The active participation of students in academic activities, such as research, interventions and the organisation of scientific events represents a dimension that receives strong encouragement. Students also benefit from the personalised orientation and a system of tutorials that provide them with global and integrated support.

For those seeking to continue their studies at UCP, the Undergraduate Degree in Psychology closely interrelates with the Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Health, Psychology in Business and Economics and Neuropsychology Master’s Degrees taking place on the Lisbon campus.


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Andreia Ferreira

"I can state that Universidade Católica Portuguesa provides me with the challenges, structure and knowledge that I have looked for in a university."

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