Ana Ruxa

Social Worker
CPCJR Montijo

“The emergencies and constant daily demands tend to submerge social service professionals. In order to (re)focus on their professional missions, social workers thus need to provide feedback for their praxis based upon the theoretical framework supporting such actions. To this end, the Universidade Católica Master’s Degree in Social Work represents a good investment. The quality of the teaching and the staff, the close relationships and professional support from lecturers, the level of demand and the stimulus for reflection are some of the guarantees of this training program.”

Hélder Delgado

Project Manager

“Throughout my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, I participated as a volunteer in various organisations. Today, already with a few years of experience in social working, I felt it was important to invest in some excellent training and education. As a student on the Master’s Degree in Social Work at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, I reflected deeply on our capacities for action in the world and our commitment to improving wellbeing.”


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