Anne Dröge

Anne Dröge


“If you are the kind of person that likes to broaden their horizon in any way possible, the Master in Communication Sciences is for you. The fact that every student has a different academic and cultural background makes for great discussions in the classroom and of course moving to Lisbon, learning Portuguese and diving into the local culture will be a life changing experience in itself. The decision to study at Católica in Lisbon has opened up many doors for me and I would do it again every time.”

MA Communication Studies - Testimonial - António Palha

António Palha

"My experience at FCH has, up to now, been the most capable and valuable academic experience that I have undergone in my life as a student. In only a few months, I have noticed that the journey is already becoming one of great personal and professional growth. It has been enriching, for the content that is conveyed by the lecturers, and for the students who share the classroom with me. The administrative steps were quite simple and practical, something that can be time-consuming and disorganized in other institutions. I have two years ahead of me, with only three completed months, but I can already say that taking the Master’s degree at FCH was the best decision of my life – and it can also be yours, if being an excellent professional is also your goal."

MA Communication Studies - Testimonial - Joana Lacerda

Joana Lacerda

"Taking a Master’s degree in Marketing, Advertising and Communication at Católica has opened new doors for me. It gave me the opportunity to study with international students, taught me how to write a good critical review and encouraged me to make presentations on topics and brands that I am very interested in. The subject that stands out the most in my academic path at this moment is Social Networks because it is the one most in line with the area I want to work in in the future, Digital Marketing. I also enjoy the teaching methods, as they are very practical and applicable to real life."


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