The Mentoring Programme aims chiefly to establish connections between FCH finalists and alumni, in order to encourage the exchange of academic and professional experiences between them.

This is an informal programme, in which the role of the Careers Office is to define the profiles of finalist students and alumni, putting them in touch and supporting their relationship.

This programme aims to allow finalists to benefit from the experience of alumni, in their different academic and professional paths, so they may validate choices already made, but essentially, so they may reflect on future decisions.

a. What is the purpose of the Mentoring Programme?

The main objective is to contribute to students’ career development, providing an experience of direct contact with former FCH students, in their capacity as outstanding professionals in their area of activity.

b. Who can apply for the programme?

All finalists graduating from Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at FCH-UCP.

c. How does the selection process work?

Whenever the number of candidates exceeds the number of places available, the selection will be made based on the average of the results in the modules completed so far, the number of credits attained by the candidates and and with preference for students who have not previously joined the program.

d. Who are the mentors?

The FCH mentor network is made up of professionals of recognized merit who are former students of FCH Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

e. Are there costs associated with this programme?

No. This programme is a free service provided by FCH.

f. What are the duties of mentorees?

  • To commit to keep at least two meetings per semester;
  • Not to miss scheduled meetings without sufficient advance notice;
  • To reply to messages from the mentor in a timely manner;
  • To respond to assessment surveys conducted by the Careers Office, so that the programme can be assessed and regularly improved.

g. What are my rights as a mentoree?

  • To receive a timely response from the mentor;
  • To inform the Careers Office of any abnormal situation or of lack of interest either on my part or on the part of the mentor.

h. Does the Programme receive any type of recognition?

Yes. The Careers Office will issue a certificate of attendance for the programme.

i. How long does the programme last?

The duration of the programme is one academic year.

j. What happens if I leave the programme without adequate reason?

Withdrawal or non-compliance with the duties provided for in the regulations are considered serious violations, punishable through the suspension, for one year, from accessing the services provided by the Careers Office (namely extracurricular internships).

l. Do you have any other questions?

Should you have any further questions, you can submit them via e-mail to