Why FCH-Católica Masters?

Seeking to prepare competent and integral professionals, the FCH-Católica Master's Degree students may draw upon a vast reputation and track record duly reflected in the high levels of employability of its students. Three of our MA Programs are ranked among the very best in the world in the fields of Arts Management, Communication Sciences and Marketing.

Why Masters 2021_EN
With curricular options emerging from the vanguard of scientific research while tailored to the realities of the business world, the Faculty of Human Sciences presents a solid and diversified range of Master’s Degree programs. 

The FCH-Católica programs also draw upon a highly qualified teaching staff, including renowned international speakers with internationalisation further encouraged through student exchanges and inclusion into European research networks.

Our Master’s Degrees constitute specialist options of excellence, preparing students to develop the reflective thinking necessary to becoming high quality professionals, with ethical training and under the care of high profile researchers and professors.

Additionally, FCH-Católica students gain access to a very broad range of partnerships and internships for the benefit of their curricular and extra-curricular activities.