Andreia Ferreira

“As I embark on the second year of the Psychology degree, I can state that Universidade Católica Portuguesa provides me with the challenges, structure and knowledge that I have looked for in a university. It is at FCH, surrounded by lecturers, who leave their mark for their exactitude, rigour and professionalism, that we gain the desire to become great professionals.”

Guilherme Brás

"The journey is still beginning, but it has been a very rich and happy one. This has been one of the most challenging stages of my life. At Católica I found a meaning for my vocation: Psychology. I feel that I do not walk alone, but arm in arm with this university and the people in it. A rigorous and demanding training that is preparing me for the future. My home is where I feel satisfied, where those I appreciate and who make me happy are, those who help me in the pursuit of my goals. My home is also FCH. Value for life."

Margarida Firmo Ferreira

“Ever since I joined this university and this degree, I have realised how right my decision was. With the excellent lecturers and the scope of the curriculum, I feel that I have a path to follow in which I will always be supported and which will help me to grow as a person.”

Maria Faísca

“When I decided to study Psychology, the Faculty of Human Sciences at Universidade Católica was my first choice and it was without a doubt the best decision I could have made for my academic training. Lecturers are very approachable, friendly and dedicated. I could not have asked for better. My adjustment to university life went quite well and it was very effortless, not only because of my colleagues but also because of the lecturers and support staff who help us in all necessary aspects. I am sure that I chose the degree and university for me and that I will undoubtedly be trained in the best possible way to enter the job market.”


Admissions Office - Undergraduate

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