Lisbon offers a wide range  of student accommodation, from university residences to rooms or shared houses.

In addition to the Feminine University Residence available in Católica, the Faculty of Human Sciences has several partnerships with residences located in the heart of the city that make some discounts to students of our school.

Below  you can get to know the accommodation proposals we suggest:


Women’s University Residence (RUF)

accomodation Women’s University Residence

The RUF provides accommodation at accessible rates to UCP’s students who, due to the distance from their home address, require permanent accommodation in Lisbon. Registration can be made throughout the year, but vacancies are only allocated in July.

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Collegiate Marquês de Pombal

accomodation Collegiate

Collegiate offers student-only accommodation, with premium features and facilities right in the centre of Lisbon, at Marquês de Pombal. All areas in these student halls have been carefully planned so that students can make the most of the unique experience of being a university student. In addition to the practical and comfortable rooms and studios, residents can also make use of several communal areas. FCH has an agreement with Collegiate that allows students to benefit from preferential rates.

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Livensa Living

accomodation Livensa Living

Livensa Living Cidade Universitária is located in the centre of Lisbon, a few minutes walking from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. It offers premium accommodation for students, being equipped with numerous amenities such as gym, cinema, pool, game room and several communal spaces, as well as 24/7 security. FCH has an agreement with Livensa Living that allows students to benefit from preferential rates. 

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Coolivin accomodation FCH-Católica

Coolivin is a Portuguese lifestyle accommodation brand providing students and young professionals with a premium coliving experience in the most desirable locations across Lisbon. The brand is built around a core set of values which are passion, serving, quality and customer centricity. FCH has an agreement with Coolivin that allows students to benefit from preferential rates. 

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