Undergraduate Program in Philosophy - B-Learning

Program Description

Allied to solid experience and longstanding traditions in teaching the new technologies as applied to the conveying of knowledge, Católica-Human Sciences opened the first and only distance learning Philosophy degree program in Portugal.

This represents the best option both for those who live away from the main urban centres and for whoever needs to travel frequently. The program thus adapts to the personal and professional circumstances of students, especially for those seeking to balance a professional occupation with higher degree studies or acquire through philosophy a solid educational program complementary to other study backgrounds.

The degree also provides the opportunity for distance studying by residents outside of the country and students from other Portuguese speaking countries.

The benefits of this regime are undeniable: less time spent on commuting opens up time for studying; the virtual environment enables a still more personal supervision of student progression.

At the beginning of the semester, students always know on which days and at what times their presence is required for each subject; this facet makes the Católica-Human Sciences degree in Philosophy particularly appropriate to the needs of working students.

To ensure the best levels of performance, students are allocated a personal degree tutor, who undertakes the resolution of any problems arising as regards the working of the teaching platform.


Admissions Office - Undergraduate

E-mail: licenciaturasfch@ucp.pt
Phone: (+351) 217 214 293


Filipa Brigola

Filipa Brigola

“The degree in Philosophy at Católica offers the advantages of distance learning, enabling students to continue their studies independently and allowing them to adapt academic requirements to professional life."