Inês Guerra

Assistant Professor

Generic Bio

PhD in Social Work by Universidade Católica Portuguesa, she is coordinator of the Degree in Social Work. 
A researcher at the Catholic Research Centre for Psychological, Family and Social Wellbeing (CRC-W), her research areas are located in the areas of Health and social intervention, in the monitoring of individuals and families.
She has been a social worker for the Medical Association since 2001, in the area of medical and family training and in the planning of active retirement.
Its publishing area is located in the area of health, where the book "What is a social case?- Study on the construction of social case in a hospital context stands out." (2019).


6th European Conference for social work research

Ana Oliveira & Inês Guerra (with Francisco Branco). 2016. 6th European Conference for Social Work Research. Reflective social work practices in contemporary societies, Lisboa, Portugal, 30/03/16

O que é o Caso Social?

Inês Guerra 2015.