Filipa Dias Mendes

Filipa Dias Mendes


“The UCP Master’s Degree in Communications Studies is an investment in excellent teaching of high standard and international renown. Anchored in an interdisciplinary plan of studies, this program guarantees the education capable of providing its students with the competences necessary to respond to the demanding media world. My passage through this program was shaped by the inspiring teaching staff, able to align the demands of education with proximity to students, and the constant incentives running throughout this academic experience.”
MCC_Pedro Azevedo

Pedro Azevedo

“When I graduated from Law School, I realised that my future would not be bound up with courts and laws but rather in something that would make me feel truly fulfilled – communication.

To choose Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Faculdade de Ciências Humanas is to choose prestige, quality and excellence and to make an investment that ensures I stand out in the labour market. It is to choose personalised teaching where the rapport between colleagues and teachers fosters cooperation, mutual assistance and the sharing of knowledge among all. To choose Católica is to choose to be certain: of the Master’s Degree, of the university and of my future!”


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