Ana Pinheiro

Radio presenter

"To be behind the microphone needs much more than just a good voice and hence university education of excellence has to be a priority. This is what the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa provides. The Social and Cultural Communication Studies degree creates opportunities where we did not even see possibilities before.

This is my story. One month before finishing my degree, I was invited to cast at Mega Hits for a Rock in Rio Lisbon rookie. That was the beginning of my career in radio. In the meanwhile, two years have already passed and my story continues to get written in studios, summer festivals and every day at MEGA Hits. The degree in Social and Cultural Communication Studies was the very best choice I might have made."

Vasco Cotovio

CNN, Reino Unido

"It was exactly a decade ago that I began my degree at Católica-Human Sciences. Despite already then knowing what I wanted to do, I did not know very well how to get there. I was ambitious but perhaps somewhat insecure and, despite some intelligence, I was rather vague. However, everything was to change while at the Católica-Human Sciences.

It was there I built up a good cultural base that helped me in later experiences. The languages that the degree taught and that helped in consolidating were also of great importance: learning a new language and working on others that I already spoke was an added value that has opened up many doors in this area especially as I now work mostly on international [stories].

It was also at the Católica-Human Sciences where I took my first steps in journalism, where I began doing my first reports and, more playing about or at least somewhat amateurishly, interviews and so my first works of journalism. And it was through the Universidade Católica Portuguesa that I later managed to get my first internship at SIC Notícias, which ended up turning into my first job as a journalist. No less important, and to conclude, it was there that I made friends for life, without which I would not be where I am now and that have always accompanied me in the meanwhile. This was, undoubtedly, a highly gratifying experience."


Marketing and Communication Office - Undergraduate

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