Professor in the FCH – Faculty of Human Sciences and board member of CEFi – the Centre of Philosophy Studies, UCP, the Catholic University of Portugal. Holder of Undergraduate and Master's Degrees in Philosophy from the University of Lisbon and a Doctoral Degree from the Catholic University. He attended pre-doctoral programs at the University of Munich, Germany and Stanford University, USA. He completed the National Defence Course, the IDN, and the Senior Management Course, the INA. He was a tenured secondary school teacher; an INIC grant holder for his Master's and Doctoral Degrees; Consultant to and Director of the Department of Research of the National Institute of Defence. Among the civil roles held, current positions include President of the Institute of Portuguese Democracy, a civic association founded in 2007 in the wake of the book and demonstration about O Erro da Ota. Since 25 November 2014, he has also served as a member of the Executive Commission of the General António Ramalho Eanes Award. He is author, co-author and organiser of monographs across his various specialist fields.

Franz Rosenzweig e o Deus Reconhecido

Mendo Henriques (with Mendo Castro Henrirques). 2017. Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia

The open dialectics of Eduardo Loureno | A dialéctica aberta de Eduardo Lourenço

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