Project Seminar I: Social Innovation Lab

10 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The Social Innovation Laboratory I, aims to support the Design of Social Innovation Solutions.

Students should know and understand the current changes in the field of social intervention, the current meaning and the relevance of social innovation. They should be able to identify and apply the rationalities, discourses and practices of social innovation: 1) in the theoretical context and critical reflection; 2) in the identification, contextualization and critical analysis of innovation and social entrepreneurship experiences and 3) in the design of intervention projects.

The aim is to acquire analytical, communicational and technical skills related to the theoretical and practical field in question, awareness of the opportunity and diversity of social responses.

It is intended to provide students with theoretical and practical conceptual frameworks that contribute to building innovative projects or creating conditions for innovation.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Social Work by Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Coordinates the Master in Social Work and the Post-Graduation of Evaluation in Programs and Social…