Portuguese in the World

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese
  • To discuss the importance of the Portuguese language as a factor of cohesion within the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Portuguese speaking world;
  • To investigate the origins and evolution of Portuguese language bearing in mind the encounter with the Other;
  • To examine the varieties of Portuguese: European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese; other varieties;
  • To reflect on the Portuguese language as a language of diasporas and its legacy as a “heritage language”;
  • To reflect on the project of Lusophony, its ambiguities and contradictions;
  • To discuss the policies of internationalization of the Portuguese language in a globalized world and the role of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.
  • To reflect on the challenges posed to Portuguese as a language of business in the 21st century.


Assistant Professor with aggregation
She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where she is currently Assistant Professor with Habilitation at FCH, and…