Philosophy of Mind

8 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The goal of this curricular unit is to endow students with an overall understanding of the main issues in the Philosophy of Mind, from the point of view of Husserlian phenomenology. We thus intend to convey the phenomenological model of functioning of mental life (which is characterized by intentionality, analysed according to the methodological procedures known as «transcendental reduction» and able to resolve the aporias stemming from classical dualistic theories about the so-called mind / body problem but also those stemming from some contemporary reductionist models, particularly those establishing an identification between brains and the mind. Students are expected to identify and recognize the conflicting theses and understand the specificities of Husserl's phenomenological approach. To achieve these goals, in the course of the Seminar the following texts by Husserl are placed under discussion: The 5th Logical Investigation, Ideas II, and Lessons 23, 24 and 25 of First Philosophy.