Discourse & Identity

6 ECTs / Semester / English

1. to discuss the concept of ‘identity’ in articulation with the concept of ‘discourse’: the role of voice in agency, minorities and public space, (in)visibilities and the question of power;
2. to question the seemingly stable identity in the light of the multiplicity of identities in the post-imperial and global Western geography of the present-day;
3. to enquire how the literary discourse creates and shapes the notion of ‘identity’.

1. to reflect critically on the ways discursive practices shape identity;
2. to read literary tradition against a theoretical backdrop of 20th and 21st narratives;
3. to discuss literary narratives as cultural objects;
4. to be able to understand and discuss the literary complexity of our present-day
imaginings and imagination.



Associate Professor
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences (since 2016). PhD in Translation Studies awarded by the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Universidade Católica…