Digital Asia: Modernization, Globalization and Media

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

This curricular unit aims to reflect and discuss the social importance of communication in contemporary Asia. The “idea of communication” deals with a cultural concept mirroring and constructing the society where it stands and implying daily-life bases entangled with the uses of the Media itself.

This curricular unit aims to analyse Media as an “institution-context”, i.e., as one of the main cultural institutions in the cognitive perception building of reality. In this way, this curricular unit studies the dynamics of the Media sector as a cultural, political and economic institution.

Digital Asia aims at developing knowledge on the role of Media in contemporary Asia, as well as the development of critical capacities of “reading” when referring to communication media. This unit also intends to offer instruments of analysis which provide the acquisition of apprehension of a certain sociopolitic reality through the observation of Media.