UCP Rector and FCH Full Professor, Isabel Capeloa Gil, receives a Honoris Causa Doctorate by Boston College and is the speaker of Commencement 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 18:03


Isabel Capeloa Gil, UCP Rector and FCH Full Professor, will be awarded with the Doctor Honoris-Causa title by the Boston College, one of most prestigious universities in the United States of America, on 20thMay.

Isabel Capeloa Gil, will be the speaker of the Commencement 2019, the seventh woman and the first non-American commencement speaker in the 156 years of the college History. The University’s Board of Trustees appoints the Commencement speaker among society, economic and political leaders. 

Isabel Capeloa Gil succeeds the Archbishop of Atlanta, Wilton Daniel Gregory (speaker 2018), John Kerry (speaker 2014), the secretary of State Ernest Moniz (speaker 2016) and Condoleezza Rice (speaker 2006), among others.