José Manuel Seruya

Assistant Professor

Generic Bio

Assistant Guest Professor at the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences, lecturing on the first and second cycles as well as on the Advanced Training and Post-Graduate Training Programs: Communications and Leadership, Leadership and Personal Development, Organisational Communications, Marketing, Brands and Reputation, Personal and Professional Development. A member of the CEPCEP Board and consultant and personal development trainer in leadership, ethics and communication. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Management, Mention Très Honorable, from Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, 2008, an undergraduate degree in Sociology from ISCTE (1980). He has 15-years professional experience as a General Director and Director in national and multinational service companies, in particular, in the mass consumer sector, playing a particular role in the fields of Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing and Commercial / Operations, and with further experience in start-ups and setting up commercial operations in Spain. He also gained four years of professional experience as a commercial manager at a multinational oil sector company.