Carla Ganito

Associate Professor

PhD in Communication Sciences. Associate Professor and Coordinator of International Relations at the Faculty of Human Sciences of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (FCH- UCP). Carla Ganito is a main researcher at CECC where she coordinates the group on “Digital Literacy and Cultural Change”. She has been an MC member of the COST Action IS1404 - Evolution of reading in the age of digitization (E-READ). 

Carla Ganito lectures in the fields of digital communication, cyberculture, digital transformation. Her research has four main axes: mobile technologies, gender and technology, digital literacy, namely digital reading, and digital life and cultural change. Since 2017 she has been developing a research project on connecting and disconnecting across the life stages, focusing on digital death, and digital rights.

From the most recent publications: (2018) “Gendering old age: The role of mobile phones in the experience of aging for women”, IGI; (2017) “Gendering the mobile phone: A life course approach”, in Digital Technologies and Generational Identity: ICT Usage Across the Life Course, Routledge [book chapter]; (2016) “Women Speak: Gendering the Mobile Phone”, UCP [book]


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