Collaborative Learning Technologies

6 ECTs / Quarterly / Portuguese

By the end of this Curricular Unit, students learn how to: - identify the characteristics of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 in order to argue for advantages and disadvantages. build support for a digital community of practice from Web 2 tools (wiki, weblogs, portfolios, Mindomo, Skype, among others), for discussion of the issues proposed. Produce integrated work of high difficulty with commonly applied tools (graphic presentations, word processing programs, spreadsheets) in a collaborative manner, and discussing in a forum the potential of these tools for use within an organization (school or other). Identify the scope for interoperability between different ICT tools in order to enhance their use in collaborative learning strategies. - Identify strategies for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of ICT usage in school environments. Understand and distinguish between different quality improvement models (CAF, BSC, EFQM).


Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies and Advanced Training at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (FCH…