Master's Degree in Ethics in Social Services and currently undertaking her doctoral degree at UCP – the Catholic University of Portugal, with her research focusing on Training in Social Services and Human Rights as an FCT grant holder. She has lectured on the Social Service Undergraduate Degree since 1997/1998, in particular the curricular units Observatory and Laboratory. Currently, and for the next three years, she is the undergraduate representative for International Relations.She has been a guest lecturer on Social Service Ethics and Deontology at the UCP, since 2005/2006. She has been a researcher in the Centre of Social Service Studies of the FCH – the Faculty of Human Sciences since 2007. Her professional practices – direct actions and coordination functions – interrelate with the field of infancy and youth, targeting children in danger or act risk, institutionalised and with families in receipt of social support. She led a community intervention project in social rehousing neighbourhoods, in support of immigrant families. More recently, she has held coordination roles in the field of children's rights, undertaking technical consultancy in conjunction with the government body for the coordination of technical team training projects. Some of the projects undertaken were transactional in design, with the objective of reaching out to vulnerable groups within the scope of other European Union member states. She is a member of the International Federation of Social Assistants and, since 2008, a member of its Commission for Human Rights, nominated for the European Region.