Statistics for the Social Sciences

5 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

This course is an introduction to statistics that aims to provide the fundamental quantitative data analytical techniques and apply them to real situations. Students acquire fundamental tools in order to continue their statistical analysis studies; Make descriptive and exploratory analysis of sample data; Construct and interpret frequency graphs; Calculate and interpret measures of central tendency and other measures of tendency; Calculate and interpret measures of absolute and relative variation; Calculate and interpret measures of skewness and kurtosis; Analyse paired data with contingency tables and measures of association; Understand the random variable concept and the special cases of normal and binomial distributions; Understand the concepts of sampling distributions and confidence intervals; Understand and be able to apply the concept of parametric statistical tests.


José Adelino de Matos Afonso holds a PhD in Business Administration (ISCTE Business School), a MSc in Business Administration (UNL) and a BA ("Licenciatura")Show…