Japanese Language I

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The course aims at learning Japanese as a useful and active language. Thus, students learn to communicate in less complicated daily situations. The course also focuses on oral communication. In this semester, continuing the previous semester´s study, the students acquire grammar and essential vocabulary. At the same time, they learn to write Katakana (phonetic alphabets) and Kanji (ideograms). Hiragana writing reviews are also always made. The students begin to read short texts (still written in Romanji) to improve their language comprehension. At the end of semester, students are able to write a simple composition, mastering the punctuation rules. One part of the classes is dedicated to presenting Japan: its geography, history, culture, literature and current social affairs within the framework of students learning the habits, traditions and lifestyle. Without knowledge of what exists underneath, language competences may never be complete.


A professor in the IEO – Institute of Oriental Studies (integrated into the FCH in 2011) of the Catholic University of Portugal since the 2007/2008 academic year…