Línguas de Camões - Challenges and Opportunities for Portuguese as a Foreign Language in a Global World (online)

Friday, September 25, 2020 - 10:00

Universidade Catolica Portuguesa

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Línguas de Camões – Challenges and Opportunities for Portuguese as a Foreign Language in a Global World is a colloquium and continuous training action promoted by the Faculty of Human Sciences, which will take place on september 25, in online format.

This one-day event focuses on the importance of learning Portuguese as a foreign language and encourages critical reflection about the place and role of this language in a global world.

This colloquium is a joint initiative of the Undergraduate Program in Applied Foreign Languages and the Master Program in Portuguese as a Foreign Language/ Second Language and it seeks to disseminate research and teaching practice developed in the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The plenary session will be with Roberto Vecchi, from Università di Bologna.

This meeting, which will feature a set of round tables, evokes Caetano Veloso's song Língua. Discussing several of the topics present in the lyrics, adresses issues ranging from the linguistic knowledge implied in the process of learning the language, to its political and cultural importance. 

This training action will be credited by the Faculty of Human Sciences, a training entity accredited by the Scientific and Pedagogic Council for Continuous Training (Centro Científico e Pedagógico da Formação Contínua, Braga).

Topics for discussion:

  • Gosto de ser e de estar: linguistics and teaching Portuguese as a foreign language;
  • Eu quero frátria: Portuguese Language, Literature and Culture;
  • O que quer esta língua? Best practice in Portuguese as a foreign language class;
  • O que pode esta língua? Portuguese, language of opportunities in the world.

Registrations until September 18, 2020

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