Why Católica-Human Sciences Undergraduates?



At Católica-Human Sciences, students may be part of:

  • Personalised teaching in close proximity with lecturers;
  • Transdisciplinary curricula;
  • An internationally recognised school with a prestigious Eduniversal ranking;
  • Stimulus for creativity and entrepreneurship;
  • Training standards of excellence;
  • Research and international education networks;
  • International and multicultural environments;
  • Exchange and Erasmus Programs;
  • National and international internships;
  • Awards of Excellence and Merit Grants annually awarded to students with high academic performance levels;
  • High rates of employability.




Throughout their academic development in Católica-Human Sciences, students can access to various different activities, including conferences, seminars and workshops, in which they may participate and acquire new skills, for example:


A day spent with companies, organisations, students and staff with the objective of deepening knowledge, dialogue and mutually beneficial relations between the academic community and the job market.

Mentoring Program

Professional guidance program that brings current students together with former Católica-Human Sciences students (mentors). Student participants thus gain access to mentors who establish regular contact and provide orientation arising out of their knowledge about careers and professional performances.


Job Shadowing

A program in which students “shadow” a figure of relevance and of recognised prestige in Portuguese society and in which students adquire personal and professional competences.

In addition to the above activities, students may also turn to:



Students also have access to the over 90 partnerships that Católica-Human Sciences runs with other Universities in Europe and the rest of the World through either the Erasmus or the Exchange Programs.



Spanning the over 200 Católica-Human Sciences partner institutions, students benefit from internships in the most prestigious national and international companies. Students are encouraged from the outset to build up their experience in the employment market. To this end, Católica-Human Sciences deploys two support and supervision offices for the process of integrating into internships, Careers Office and AETC - Atlantic Erasmus Training Consortium.

Careers Office is the entity responsible for the alumni career observatory, as well as for placing Undergraduate and Master’s Degree students in internships in Portugal.

AETC – the Atlantic Erasmus Training Consortium holds the main objective of providing students with a diversified selection of curricular and extra-curricular internships, which enable real experiences of working in professional, multicultural and pluri-lingual contexts in Europe.

The Erasmus+ Program framework, through the awarding of grants in order to undertake internships, ensures the opportunity for students to enrich their academic and professional profiles through an experience of internationalisation that facilitates their adaptation and integration into diversified labour markets.


Joana Bettencourt

"I am certain that I have chosen the right degree, the one that is the most complete and that has the best professionals, at an outstanding university, that encourages me daily, offers me fantastic opportunities, helps me to establish a vast network of contacts and one that will undoubtedly stay with me in years to come.”