Ana Franco Gil

Communications Consultant
IMAGO Llorente & Cuenca

“One of the greatest added values of Católica-Human Sciences Master’s Degree in Communications Studies is undoubtedly the chance to be in permanent and direct contact with a teaching staff both of excellence and always available to accompany the personal, academic and professional growth of their students.”

Anaísa Gonçalves

Events Management
BNP Paribas CIB

“The Católica-Human Sciences Master’s Degree is proving an especially enriching experience as, in addition to the specialist teaching staff, this opens the door for students to enter into the working world. This draws upon a substantially beneficial internship program that fosters the professional experiences of students and hence deserving every due recognition.”

André Valente Oliveira

Business Development Manager
Master in Communication Studies

"In a global and increasingly demanding society, the challenges involve finding and developing tools and strategies that respond to the current needs of organisations and markets and successfully translating them into value. The Master’s Degree in Communications Studies at Universidade Católica Portuguesa endowed me not only with these tools but also with a broad, critical and analytical vision that enables me to reach further. The UCP ensures teaching staff who invest in talent and that develop the potentials of their students, fostering and generating lifelong value.”

Carlota Gigli

Communication Manager
ABC LEGAL - Sociedade de Advogados

“I believe that the Master’s Degree in Communications Studies, with the option to specialise in Communication, Organisation and Leadership is substantially complete to the extent that I deepened the knowledge I acquired at undergraduate level. There is a theoretical-practical component that enables us to obtain the best of both worlds thanks in large part to the qualities of the professors and recognition in the professional marketplace.”

Daniela Martins dos Santos

Community Manager & Communication Consultant

“Completing the Católica-Human Sciences Master’s Degree in Communications Studies brings a distinctive phase in your academic training process to an end. This is the following of a path of personal and professional growth. The program benefits from the rigour and excellence of its teaching staff with the knowledge and capacity to guide and convey the necessary competences for the challenging demands of the labor market.”

Francisco Maria Borges


“In academic terms, undertaking the Master’s Degree at Universidade Católica was undoubtedly the best decision of my life. I’ve known what I wanted since I was young and after graduating in Marketing and Publicity, the Master’s Degree in Communications Studies and its Communication, Marketing and Advertising option, was the cement for highly positive training for my future. This opened up an enormous door in providing a curricular internship at Nestlé. Currently, I’m living an experience that could not be more closely related with me; I’m at GoldNutrition, a leading company in the field of nutrition and sports supplements. I would recommend you all spend some time in this house. Thank you very much, UCP!”

Maria Helena Ganhão


“Joining the Master’s Degree in Communications Studies meant the opportunity to deepen my knowledge as a student and then opening new doors in the professional world. Thanks to UCP, I had the opportunity to do an internship at an agency that works alongside ModaLisboa, and I am now embarking on a new project at the Sonae Contact Program. This was undoubtedly a highly enriching experience that I very warmly recommend.”

Rita Conde

Communications & Government Affairs
Siemens Portugal

“The Master’s Degree was a gateway to new and fantastic experiences at both the personal and the professional levels. Within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Communications Studies, and in the space of one year, I had the opportunity to study for six months in Rio de Janeiro and do an internship at the International Department of Human Resources, Marketing and Recruitment at the BMW headquarters in Munich. Now, I’ve been a member of the Siemens Portugal communications team for around a year, where they have invested in my training at the international level within the perspective of remaining with the company for the long term.”


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