Teresa Seruya is Full professor in the Department of Germanic Studies at the Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon, teaching literature and culture in the German language. She also teaches History of Translation and Translation Theory. She has collaborated with the Catholic University of Portugal, teaching on the translation course and leading (1998-2005) a research project on “Literary History and Translations”. She is now responsible for the projects “Intercultural Literature in Portugal 1930-2000: a Critical Bibliography”, and “Translation and Censorship in Portugal during the Estado Novo Regime”. Her main research areas in the present are the history of translation in Portugal in the 20th century and contemporary migration literature in German speaking countries.

She has published on literature and culture in the German language, particularly from the 20th century, the history of Germanic Studies in Portugal and the history of translation in Portugal.She is a literary translator of the following German authors: Goethe, Kleist, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Döblin, Thomas Mann and Kafka.