Teresa Paiva achieved the Medical Degree in 1969. She is Neurologist and Neurophysiologist, by the Portuguese Medical Association since 1975, with the title of European Somnologist since 2012 and the Competence in Sleep Medicine since 2013.
She was a staff Neurologist Hospital Santa Maria (1976-2006) and accomplished the PhD Thesis in 1992 and Aggregation in 1997 at the University of Lisbon.
Further she has been Associate Professor of Neurology the Medical Faculty of Lisbon (FML) and invited Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Institute Superior Técnico, 2003-2016.
Currently she is Clinical Director of CENC – Sleep Medicine Center, Lisbon since 1983.
She published more than 130 scientific papers, she is editor/co-editor of 13 books about sleep, and co-author of 60 book chapters, and supervised more than 70 academic thesis. She is often invited by the media and talks for the general public; she is the promoter of a website for dissemination of sleep knowledge: www.isleep.pt
Their fields of interest are Sleep Medicine, Sleep and Society and Sleep and Environment.